Not Doing Lab_An experimental proposal against work, by Christina Schultz, in co-organization with Mar Merino.

Selected participant_agent_agency for a workshop against work.

A collaborative research and practice project on alternatives to self-exploitation.

It is an artistic piece in itself in the form of an experimental workshop.


The collective fantasy installed in the foundations of our cultural framework places work as the center of our existences. This has led this concept to high levels of perversion. Doing to accumulate, to leave a trail, to grow (very well, it is not known whether in width or length), go through overproduction and overexploitation, which leads to pettiness and idiotic work

After a reading and subsequent collective discussion of a selection of texts, as well as the visualization of diverse material, we reflect on the possibility of a life of work without work, that is to say, without personal costs: we refuse to work per se. A maximum of 11 people will create their own project based on this conceptualization in which doing less can be doing more.

This workshop is the empirical demonstration of the work done without doing. That is, leaving the asphyxiating parameters and the fast pace imposed by a society of consumption and overproduction.

The participants will publicly present their creation, their own piece not worked, in the last session in the Blue Project Foundation.


The workshop will work these concepts: stop and observe to create. From here the objectives of the workshop will arise. They are divided into five as follows:

Objective 1

To generate a constructive feedback between the participants on their active life and develop the idea of ​​not doing. Unite a series of concepts such as the dilemma of wage labor and the ability to not doing.

Objective 2

To explore the possibilities of standing and stopping. To approach philosophers and sociologists such as Paul Lafargue, Bob Black, Hannah Arendt and Noam Chomsky. To familiarize yourself with the concepts of work and labor, action and speech and play.

Objective 3

To meet other artists who work on the subject and give way to conscious and constructive observation.

We will work on artistic concepts of not doing with Natsume Soseki, John Cage, Carole Douillard, Luz Broto and Lee Lozano, among others.

Objective 4

To create from your own experience (stop and observe) an artistic work of not doing, using for it the different media and formats in which each one feels more comfortable.

Objective 5

To experiment with the workshop format as an artistic process.

Methodology and program

Day one

Introduction to the concept of not doing.

Collective reading of theoretical texts in sociology, politics and philosophy, such as Paul Lafargue, Bob Black, Hannah Arendt and Noam Chomsky.

Visualization of A few days from the life of Oblomov, Russian cult film

According to Ivan Goncharov’s novel.


Day two

Excursion I

Introduction to the concept of time.

Visit of a fossil: The Museu Geològic del Seminari de Barcelona.

An untouched place for millennia.


C / Diputació 231

08007 Barcelona

Phone: 93-454-16-00


Day Three

Art and not doing.

Collective reading and visualization of materials of various artistic references. Not doing in:

1 Automation and Robotics

2 In silence and not moving

3 In the void and the discipline, WuWei and Zazen

4 In subversion and resistance

5 In non-action

Reference artists

Light Broto, John Cage, Carole Douillard, Tehchien Hsieh, Lee Lozano, Gustav Metzger, Max Richter, Eugène Sartory, Mladen Stilinovic, among others.


Day four

Introduction to the game concept.

Practice of creation through different ways of not doing:

Performative, visual, literary, sound, meditative, theoretical, etc.


Day five

Excursion II

Stop and observe practice.

Visit to the spring beach and active listening by Max Richter.


Day Six

QA-Day – Questions and answers about the projects themselves.

General rehearsal of proposals not worked.


Final presentation

Activity open to the public in the

Blue Project Foundation, where the final pieces will be presented

Of each participant.

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