Laboratory Don’ts June 2 – 4 June

The Laboratory Don’ts opens its doors for 3 days in the Blueproject Foundation.
An experimental space set in kairológicos times, the same time of things. We invite you to start together this amazing experiment on Friday , June 2, 2017 afternoon, to your 19h. And continue participating or observing their development from Saturday, to your 10h until 20h on Sunday.
There will be a lot, some or little to do, get involved, think and talk. Every moment is different, each visit a surprise. Come to find out that is baked in Il Salotto at any time. Perhaps most significant is what happens in the conscious space, the interval between one thing and another.
We are 16 participants in this lab full of surprises and imagination:

Maria Alcaide, Daniel Armengol, Laura Benitez, Manoela Campos, Kai Corvus, Victoria Elms, Patricia Fernández Antón, Juliana Guerrero, David Macho, Mar Merino, Antonio R Montesinos, Judit Murlans, Maite Redondo, Patricio Riviera, Carolina Selo and Christina Schultz.

Guest Saturday (all afternoon):
David Franklin, performative cinema

Guest Sunday (all afternoon):
Nigra Sum, mysterious musical project

Waiting for:
Espai en Blanc

You are all invited. At any time and at any time.

On Kairós versus Chronos

Not doing world_ Laura Benítez Valero



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