Diffractive Interfaces Arts Santa Monica/ Sónar+D 2017

Diffractive Interfaces, curated by Laura Benítez Valero, presents models and prototypes in development: Physical NETbots, Towards Non-Linguistic Writing for Music: A Performative Approach, frequency-based music composition software and Survival Artists and Bio-Sonification.

These prototypes employ technologies such as Pure Data, Teensy, Wekinator and bio sonification interfaces among many others.

Diffractive Interfaces is a research platform created by the Research in Art and Design Master (EINA/UAB) and the Interface Cultures Master (Kunstuniversität Linz) dedicated to model research and prototype generation to transform the interfaces of contemporary technology.

The following prototypes will be presented:

Physical NETbots designed to complicate the relationship between systems. They provide the wrong information for tracking website locations and fighting against design homogeneization and GUI standards.

Tangible Scores: A tangible score is a tactile interface for musical expression that incorporates a score in its physical shape, surface structure or spatial configuration

Foreverloops is a software toy that allows to produce audiovisual compositions by playing, it allows real-time manipulations and combines gear mechanics, media production and gaming to playfully manipulate virtual gear.

Analysis/Interpretation: Interpreting phenomena (fractal geometries, cellular automata, and autonomous agents such as ants, heards, flocks, etc) with the use of mathematical models, visuals, computing, drawing or photography) results are engraved on a wooden sample to be used later on in a live performance as tangible interfaces

Cook your own piezo crystals




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