Do it together! Biohacking summer lab_KAPU Kulturzentrum Linz 16_23 July 2017

//Lab with Paul Pin//

The Experimental Lab is proposed as a generator of collective learning on non – hierarchical approaches to technology(ies). One of the aims is to work on technological hacks from a post – anthropocentric perspective, disorganizing dualist conception on theory_practice, nature_culture or natural_artificial.

In general terms, the aim of this “experiential lab” is to explore some materials and possibilities as a series of experiments and events that will attempt to disrupt some conceptions on Who is supposedly allowed to do (bio)-tech and technological gadgets. During the lab we will be working from a research practice based on the intersections between philosophy, technology, gender and imposed identities or roles in contemporary social structures. By hacking materials we are hacking, or at least trying to hack, the conception of “experts” related to exclusivity:

We don’t believe in experts. Think about building a microscope, connect it to a computer and display your research or let your brain make sound, experiment on your skin as pleasant wetware. Forget about quantitative purposes and let yourself experiment with desire as a potentia to flow in qualitative terms. Hey, this is about re-appropriating those temporalities that have been held back for so long. It is about becoming with_in.

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