On going projects___

Curated workshop on Biotech, Interfaces and other Temporalities. Research in collaboration with Paula Pin (Gynepunk/ Hackteria), Christa Sommerer and Interface Cultures Researchers Team. Kunsuniversität, Linz. Austria. The results of the research process witll be presented at SONAR+D 2017.This workshop is part of the Public Programms: Brian Eno. By chance and decision. Exhibition curated by Lluís Nacenta. Arts Santa Monica and Sonar Festival. Ongoing Project.

Coordinator/ Researcher .Measuring the resonance and correspondence of shared intimacy, through EEG hacks with audible response.The main idea of RoD is to make brainwaves audible in order to figure out if the subliminal or subtle coherence in EEG is independent from the individual, which would lead to the consequence that we are all emotionally entangled, no matter the heritage, age or intellectual background. With non-human entities actively reacting to the audiowaves, we could create an ontological discussion transmitted via audio waves. Project in collaboration with Kapu Kulturverein, Linz, Austria. Ongoing project

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