Teaching Fellow_ Researcher and external member of the Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Area, Department of Philosophy. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Course 2015-2016. 


Director_Professor, seminar Bioart. Human Condition in Contemporary Art. CCCB (Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona). 11/02/2016 to 17/03/2016


Professor “Master in Research in Art & Design” EINA/ University of Design. October, November, December 2015. Modules:

Bioart. Dilution of the boundaries between Art and Biology
Useless Art
Research in the Arts: Experiencing the Unconventional


Teacher and Coordinator, course Practical Philosophy II. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 12/04/2016 to 14/06/2016.


Teacher and Coordinator, course Aesthetic Kidnap. Artistic dimension of everyday life. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 13/04/2016 to 15/06/2016.


Teacher and Coordinator, course Artworks and Limits. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 20/01/2016 to 16/03/2016


Teacher and Coordinator, course Practical Philosophy. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 19/01/2016 to 15/03/2016.


Teacher at Oak House School British School. Subjects: Philosophy, History of Philosophy. Level: A Level. December 2014 until the end of March 2015.


Teacher and Coordinator , course Pop Art and Culture. Rebellion against the Gray Epoch. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 19/01/2015 to 8/04/2015.


Teacher and Coordinator of the course Visual Culture. Power and Counterculture in the Image Era Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. 1/10/2014 to 2/12/2014.


Professor Master in Research in Art & Design. EINA/ AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA. November 2013


FPI intern/ Research Fellow. Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2009-2013

Teaching at Bachelor’s degree, member of the teaching staff of the Aesthetics Dept. Collaboration with the lessons, complementary activities organization and tutoring the works by students from Philosophy of the Art, Aesthetics, Seminar about Philosophy texts, Contemporary Philoshophy, Basics elements of Bioethics.

Tutor of the masters Think about today’s Art and Contemporary Art Grammars. Autonomous University of Barcelona/ Fundación Joan Miró.

Teacher/ Master team member, Research in Art & Design, EINA/ Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Teacher/ Master team member, Animal Law and Society, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Directed workshops: British Music. Learning to swing to a whole new sound. Theory and practice workshop at the Fundació Joan Miró as part of the activities related to the exhibition Let Us Face the Future: British Art 1945-1968. (2010)
The DIY as political positioning and place from which to rethink Miró. Theory and practice workshop at the Fundació Joan Miró as part of the activities related to the exhibition Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape (2011)

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