Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a thesis on the relationship between artistic practices and biotechnologies (January 2014). External lecturer at Elisava, as well as at the Master’s Degree in Art and Design Research (EINA), the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art (UNIR), the Master’s Degree in Research, Experimentation in Design (BAU) and the Master’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering (ELISAVA). She has been a guest researcher at the Ars Electronica Center, and a researcher at the MACBA documentation center and visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico. She has participated in cycles as a reader, lecturer and guest researcher in different international institutions. He is currently collaborating with HANGAR in different research projects. Together with the Leland Palmer Collective, she has carried out a research project on censorship in contemporary artistic practices in Spain. Her current research focuses on bio-resistance processes, civil bio-disobedience, and non-human agents.

Currently, she is based in Barcelona but always happy to hear proposals.

Nomadic thougt_Nomadic life

CV Laura Benítez Valero ENGLISH (1)

CONTACT:  laura.benitez.valero[at]gmail{dot}com

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