Laura Benítez Valero, P.h.D. in Philosophy, is an independent researcher whose research connects Philosophy, Art(s) and Technoscience(s). Her current research focuses on Bioart, Biohacking, processes of bio-resistance, bio-civil disobedience and non-human agents. She is a lecturer in Critical and Cultural Studies in Massana (Art & Design Centre) and external lecturer in Technology, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. She has worked as a coordinator at the Institute of Humanities of Barcelona/CCCB. She has been a guest researcher at the Ars Electronica Centre and researcher at the MACBA’s documentation centre. She has been invited as a visiting lecturer and guest researcher at different international institutions such as Interface Cultures Kunstuniersität Linz, Sónar Festival (Bcn/Hong Kong), the Royal Academy of Arts London or the University of Puerto Rico. She is currently collaborating on different research projects, academic and autonomous alike, and is a regular collaborator in Hangar.


CONTACT:  laura.benitez.valero[at]gmail{dot}com

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