(Barcelona, 1981)

She earned a PhD in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) with a thesis on the relationship between artistic practices and biotechnologies (January 2014).

An external collaborator of the teaching team for Aesthetics and Art theory at the Department of Philosophy of the UAB. She has worked as coordinator at the Institute of Humanities of Barcelona. She has worked as coordinator at the Institute of Humanities of Barcelona/CCCB. A teacher on the Master’s degree in Research in Arts and Design at EINA. She has been guest researcher at the Ars Electronica arts centre, and researcher at the MACBA’s documentation centre. She has participated in cycles as a reader, teacher and guest researcher at different international institutions. She is currently collaborating on different research projects, academic and autonomous alike. Her current research focuses on processes of bio-resistance, bio-civil disobedience and non-human agents.


Her research is focused, even committ to disturbances, contestational practices and theories, where Ethics, Identity, Gender, Subjectivity or Politics (among others) are understood as not pre-determined but always changing and unfolding. Considering that critical thinking_action helps to reveal, or at list to remember, the artificial boundaries that we forgot we invented it.

Currently she is based in Barcelona but always happy to hear proposals.


Nomadic thougt_Nomadic life

CV Laura Benítez Valero ENGLISH (1)

CONTACT:  laura.benitez.valero[at]gmail{dot}com

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