(Barcelona, 1981) is an external associate professor, independent researcher and curator based in Barcelona. Holds a PhD in Philosophy, Autonomous University of Barcelona, specialised in Bioart within the area of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, as well as a Master in Contemporary Philosophy and a Master in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art. Over the past six years she has worked as a teaching fellow and researcher, being a member of various R & D projects. She is a member of the teaching staff at EHEA official master’s Research master in Art and Design (EINA UNIVersity of Design), member of the teaching staff of Aesthetics (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and has been a guest researcher at the Ars Electronica Archive and at the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. She also works as independent curator and is a member of the collective Leland Palmer, with whom she has developed exhibitions and research projects, the last one focused on Censorship in contemporary art practices in the “post”-dictatorial spanish context. Currently she is developing a research project on bio-resistance, and has curated a seminar entitled Bio-resistance, Transversality and Emancipation on contestational practises and bio-hacking (MACBA, December 2015). Recently she has conducted the course Bioart. The Human Condition in the Contemporary Art as part of public programs of +HUMANS exhibition (CCCB 2016).

Her research is focused, even committ to disturbances, contestational practices and theories, where Ethics, Identity, Gender, Subjectivity or Politics (among others) are understood as not pre-determined but always changing and unfolding. Considering that critical thinking_action helps to reveal, or at list to remember, the artificial boundaries that we forgot we invented it.

Currently she is based in Barcelona but always happy to hear proposals.


Nomadic thougt_Nomadic life

CV Laura Benítez Valero ENGLISH (1)

CONTACT:  laura.benitez.valero[at]gmail{dot}com

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