Monism, Immanence and Biohacking. Hacking dualistic violence

Talk on Monism, Immanence and Biohacking. Hacking dualistic violence

Monism, Immanence and Biohacking. Hacking dualistic violence proposes to develop a research on the potentia of Monism, in terms of Spinoza, applied to biohacking practices. Some biohacking proposal confront us to evaluate the relations between Science(s), Art(s), (bio)Ethics, (bio)Politics and Society(ies), developing new approaches, methods and methodologies for research, from the interaction between artistic practices and biology in an academic and non-academic context.

The aim of this proposal is to work in common on the possibilities of connecting with the others, from a posthuman condition perspective, but specifically related to post-anthropocentrism. Biomaterials let us to re-think “traditional” dualisms, but some artistic projects give us the chance to re-think dualit structes, giving special attention to matter, giving a special attention to the process of materialization. Monism, Immanence and Biohacking. Hacking dualistic violence is a proposal to work on the following open questions: How are (bio)technological artifacts embodied, transformed, assimilated and appropriated in biohacking practices? How to introduce Desire into thought, into discourse, into action? Is possible to decolonize Hegemonic Narratives on Identity, Aesthetic Categories and Art History(ies) hacking biomaterials and artifacts? How to develop action, thought and desires by proliferation, juxtaposition and disjunction and not by subdivision and pyramidal hierarchization? How matters comes to constitutive matter in the nature-culture continuum through bio-mediation? or as Joanna Zylinska remarked (2009) Can we consider that a renewed agency could be an extended and distributed agency? A sort of Spinozean-Deleuzian agency, distributed but not suspended? An agency that belongs to the amount of others that compound the non-unitarian post-anthropocentric subjectivity?

Speaker at Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, Symposium



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