Inoculum_Connecting the Other(s)

In the age of the anthropocene, our understanding of media and materials is in flux. Not only natural sciences are investigating living materials. Biotechnical methods are spreading into DIY-culture as well as into the field of bio hacking. Simultaneously in the humanities, the idea of the ‚post-human‘ has become a central topic. Artists are engaged in these discussions and are examining the relationship between humans and other life forms. In doing so they transcend the usage of living biological matter – be it of human or animal origin – as a mere tool, and foster collaborations between animate beings. It becomes a medium that allows for collaborations between animate beings. Inocolum deals with these interdisciplinary and interspecific entanglements. Experts from the arts, natural sciences and philosophy will discuss their individual access to notions of the living.

Inoculum is a result of a 3-year research project examining ’slime mould‘, a well-known lab organism in biology. As a model organism, the biggest acellular being known on earth is not only assisting the life sciences to better understand basic principles of behavior, but is also of interest for the computer sciences. Recent studies have applied the decision-making processes of slime moulds to hybrid computational systems which integrate these living organisms into computer chips.

The Inoculum conference situates these attempts in a historical, social and philosophical context. It presents current scientific research and artistic practices by twelve international experts. Inspired by the process of inoculation, the project will vaccinate and cultivate an interdisciplinary debate.


Curated by Theresa Schubert

4 February 2016: Talks and Lectures

5 February 2016: Talks and Lectures


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